“First Date” is a proof of concept of the dynamic Bending The Ending viewing experience. We can tell any story from any genre appealing to any audience using this format.

Clues Ship

Whodunit Mystery

Someone is missing on a cruise ship!

The cruise director veils this real-life missing person situation as a Clue-esque game to distract passengers and avoid bad PR. She appoints two team captains: think Matlock versus Kimmy Schmidt.

Whose team do you want to be on in this race to solve the mystery? What clue will you investigate first? Can you find the culprit before they strike again?

Back to School

Young Adult Fantasy

On a shopping trip before the first day of junior high, Wendy is transported through a magic fitting room back in time!

She makes an immediate connection with a young girl much like herself, and together they tackle first day of school challenges and gain confidence along the way.

When a more self-assured Wendy returns and realizes her new friend was her own mother, she is inspired to talk to her mom about her first day jitters and for the first time is excited about the possibility of a great year to come.

Family Jewels

Action Comedy

When a thief and her goons try to steal an iconic “jewel” from the local family fun park, Brenda and Wanda jump into action to save the day!

But they still have a job to do and families to entertain. Chasing the thieves in go-carts and through the arcade, but also cleaning up slushie incidents in the bouncy-house. Fetching a gun from the alligator pool while helping lost kids find their mommies.

Will they catch the thief before she gets away with the park’s most valued possession?!